Fri. 8/4/23 at 6 pm-8 pm: Realize Real Eyes: Tap into Your Intuitive Self with Jolo and Sound Bath by J. Han

Fri. 8/4/23 at 6 pm-8 pm: Realize Real Eyes: Tap into Your Intuitive Self with Jolo and Sound Bath by J. Han

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Facilitator: Jolo

Sound Bath with Crystal Bowls and more by: J. Han

Friday 8/4/2023 at 6 pm-7:30 pm. 7:30 pm- 8 pm (Q & A and connection time)

Location: CLOSET 4878 Newport Ave. San Diego, CA 92107


Jolo is an intuitive medium, Reiki practitioner, and grief coach. She is also a co-author of a book called, "The Sacred Feminine: A Collection of Insights from The Higher Self" where she shares her story of her many losses, stages of grief, and opening up to mediumship. Her chronic migraines disappeared when she opened up her supernatural gifts in 2021. 

Jolo has hosted workshops where she conducted Reiki healing/mediumship sessions and loves to collaborate with other light workers. She is fully committed to her mission and hopes not only better the lives of those she encounters along the way, but also to help make the world a better place by being of service to humanity and to the Spirit world. Jolo is honored to help people connect with themselves and discover the start of their own healing journey. 

Join us in this play shop with a guided meditation related to our chakras, eye gazing with a partner while intuitively receiving information, and Reiki energy healing during the sound bath session.

This experience will make a difference by having an inner knowing of their natural gifts from within, recognizing that intuition is our best teacher, and connecting with a stranger without saying a word helps you connect with people's energy and your own on a deeper level. We can bring this creativity by going out into the world with more awareness of your own and others' energy and being in the present moment in your daily life.

Follow Jolo on Instagram: @jolovespirit


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